About us

In 2010 I had my first idea about travelling around Iceland in super jeeps with foreigners where we would stop at special places, both winter and summer with VIP style.
The idea kept on rolling around in my head for the next two years.

At springtime 2011 me and my wife bought ourselves one Endure bike each after many years without having one.
We enjoyed using them and trips to the Icelandic highlands were our favorite. We bought a super jeep some years ago and often travelled around the highlands. The Icelandic highlands are endlessly diverse and beautiful.
In the year 2012 I was asked If I could take foreign tourists with me on trips (jeep or enduro) if that would be the case. “Of course”! Was my answer and so the ball started rolling and the idea behind a small family company that would offer Enduro adventure tours, began to take shape.

After I had looked at the Enduro market for foreigners who would like to come here and ride Enduro´s under the guidance of an experienced biker I realized that there are close to none companies in Iceland who offer this kind of recreation and service.

The basic idea is to offer luxury tours which offer everything from food to full gear. Good guidance and well maintained bikes is our goal . The tours will be pre made day-tours, packages or tailor made for customers who have something specific in mind. Groups are small and personal.

We also offer all included packages for day tours or longer tours which can have accommodation in mountain huts or guesthouses (no luxury hotels in the Icelandic highlands).

All included package is: Pick up & drop off from hotels/ guesthouses, full safety gear from head to toe, warm first layer clothes (wool), food and drinks during the tour, instructions about the most important safety rules regarding safe driving and nature regulations which we take very seriously when driving in the nature.

Support vehicle is availble in all tours up on agreement. In some tours it is included.