The Bikes

An absolute crucial part of off road riding is the motorcycle and choosing the very best on offer, making sure it is fully maintained to the highest standard, and that it is fully legal is our highest priority here at Enduro Adventure-Iceland.

We choose KTM EXC 250´s and 450′s, a cutting edge enduro bike. And at less than 115 kilos the KTM is lightweight, slim and fast. Although still considered by some a little heavy for racing they are theperfect tool for tackling Icelandic trails

The bikes are owned, fully serviced and maintained by Enduro Adventure-Iceland. We are a fully licensed company and our bikes are fully registered and insured here in Iceland. 

When considering other riding options here in Iceland, it is important to remember that a lot of the dirt tracks are still legal highways and it is essential that the bikes, and tour company, are fully legal.


All our bikes are provided with Wolfman Expedition tank bag that  is designed to keep needed items handy in harsh conditions and to stay out of the way during rough riding.



We provide all safety gear from head to toe including:

helmet (with GoPro mount, GoPro not included), enduro jacket, over the boot enduro pants, body armour, boots, knee guards, gloves, neck collar, goggles, woolen inner layer and woolen socks.

If you prefer bringing your own riding kit you are free to do so. Many riders prefer to bring their own gear, especially helmets and boots, which mold to your shape.