The Crew

Kristbjörn Einarsson (Bubbi) (40)


Bubbi is the founder of Enduro Adventure ehf.

He has travelled around the Icelandic highlands in both Super Jeeps and on motorcycles since he was a little kid.

After a few years break from the motorcycle sport, he decided to get back in to the saddle, and since then he has done litle more than riding Enduro in the Icelandic highlands.

Bubbi has extensive experience in machine repairs and maintenance and always sees to that the bikes are in tip top shape.

He takes on evenly the role of the guide, mechanic and support vehicle driver.

Riding Skills: 4






Einar Sverrisson (old)

 Einar is one of the guides.

He started his off-road riding at an early age on a Honda DAX 50 '74.

Since then (late last century!!) he has owned trials, MX and Enduro bikes and participated in numerus MX and Enduro competitions.

Einar has traveled extensively in the Icelandic higlands in the past decades.
Both trekking and using skis, mountain bikes, 4x4‘s or Enduro bikes.

He knows his way around our little island and chances are he can answere your geography question!



Halldór Sveinsson (Dóri) Date of birth: many years ago.

Dóri is one of our guides.

Dóri started early in life to travel around the Icelandic higlands and was active at the Super Jeep travel scene for many years.

In 2004 Dóri bought his first Enduro bike - an old Suzuki Dakar 600.
Already in 2006 he switched to a lighter KTM enduro bike and has been a KTM zombie since!
He has ridden his 450 KTM a lot around the Icelandic highlands, always making sure his tires don‘t touch the tarmac more than needed!

Dóri always takes a lot of pictures when traveling and has over 6000 pics from his tours - mostly of his riding buddies soaring through the magnificent Icelandic landscape.

He works as a mechanic and has been fixing family- and rally cars alike, most of his life!
It‘s always good to have Dóri around should mechanical issues come up.

He‘s the photographer, the mechanic, the cook and support vehicle driver and when things slow down, he is also the story teller!

Riding skills: 4



Margrét Sævarsdóttir (not so old)

Started travelling in the highlands around 2004, mostly during the wintertime. 

She is a newbie in Enduro riding since 2011.  She owns and rides a KTM 250.

Margrét studied Tourism management in the Icelandic University, but she is also teaching at a childrens school.
Margrét is our office manager and when needed she drives the support vehicle.

Drop us a line and she will get back to you in a swift!