GOLDEN CIRCLE TOUR - level 2-3 of 4 (or slightly customised)

Price, 119.900 pr.person.


Difficulty level: 2-3 of 4

This is a full day enduro tour of adventurous trails and beautiful views including stops at Thingvellir National Park, Geysir hot springs and Gullfoss waterfall. We provide KTM enduro bikes in this luxury, all inclusive adventure. The first stop is a visit to the spectacular Thingvellir National Park, the original site of the world's oldest existing parliament and where you can see the visible effects of The Great Atlantic Rift slowly pulling Iceland apart as the tectonic plates move away from each other. The next stop is one of the highlights of the Golden Circle, Gullfoss waterfall, the queen of Iceland's waterfalls. The final stop is the world famous Geysir geothermal field where muddy pools bubble away, hot springs abound and geysers explode out of the ground.

Trip guide:

Departure: From july 1st until september 1st
11-12 hours, 8:30-20:00
Trail riding distance: 
144 km. 90 miles.
Drive with support vehicle from Gullfoss to Reykjavík: 125 km. 78 miles
Pick up: 

Included in Tour: 
All safety gear from head to toe including: helmet (with GoPro mount, GoPro not included), enduro jacket, over the boot enduro pants, body armour, boots, knee guards, gloves, neck safety support, goggles, woolen inner layer and woolen socks.


Your preparation:

Eat a good breakfast before departure to fuel up.
Remember your camera.


Groups will only be one to four people, this allows us to make the tour personal and tailored to your wishes and needs.

At our base in Rauðhella 1 in Hafnarfjörður we will go over the basic rules about safety and the necessity of remaining on the track and not leaving the trails.
When everybody is geared up the adventure starts. Every tour is tailored to your needs so we can stop whenever you wish to take photos or catch your breath and nobody has to worry about being left behind.

Next stop is Thingvellir National park, 22 km drive from Skálafell where we meet with our support vehicle. At Thingvellir there is the possibility to have a 30-60 minute stop. There is also the option to walk from Hakið (bus stop and visitor center) along the rift and be picked up below by the Peningagjá.

From Thingvellir there is then a drive of about 30 km to Skjaldborg where we expect to take the next break. About 21 km after Skjaldborg we will get a glimpse of Langjökull glacier when driving past Mt. Hlöðufell.

Next stop is Gullfoss (Golden waterfalls) where we can take the 5 minute walk to the waterfall and enjoy the beautiful view. Here we will have a traditional Icelandic meat soup from the support vehicle, taste Icelandic beer and maybe some Icelandic schnapps after a good day of riding.
We will pack our gear and relax in the support vehicle which will take us to our last stop, Geysir where we will have some time to walk around in the geothermal area, or, if you are getting a bit tired after a big day, just take a look at Strokkur geyser that erupts every few minutes, get a snapshot of it and then hurry back to the support vehicle for another cold one.

The drive from Geysir to Reykjavík is 125 km. (about 1.5 hours. drive) Estimated time arrival to Reykjavík should be around 20:00.