Your Rate Skill Levels

Please Note: It is very important that the riders are totally honest about their abilities.

Please do not inflate your true abilities on the booking form because we at Enduro Adventure will take you on tailor made trails that perfectly suits your abilities. We rate riders abilities in terms of full day off-road riding experience.

Level 1: Beginner (1-20 days off-road experience)

You have never ridden off road before or you have already been riding very occasionally ridden on an enduro dirtbike on gravel paths, dirt roads, field trails or single tracks. You cannot manage off road steep inclines or descents.

Level 2: Intermediate ( 20- 60 days off-road experience)

You can ride off road on gravel or stony paths with potholes, eroded open trails with dried-up riverbeds, single tracks. You can manage off-road inclines and descents.

Level 3: Sporty (60-90 days off-road experience)

You can ride on deeply rutted gravel paths, eroded open trails with water holes. You master off road tight turns, steep inclines and descents as well as demanding river crossings.

Level 4: Advanced (90+ days off-road experience)

You can ride on rocks, rubble, deep sand, on slippery surfaces, and this combined with steep inclines and descents. You can manage consecutive long and technical off road stages, you have already participated in several off road tours of at least two days. You regularly ride on the toughest off-road segments. You are in particularly good physical condition and have a good level of endurance,